Greek PM rejects proposal by ND leader for special inquiry regarding Defence Minister Kammenos over Noor-1 case

Mr. Tsipras viciously attacks ND leader

Greek PM Alexis Tsipras unleashed a scathing attack against the leader of Greece’s major opposition party New Democracy, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, during the former’s address in the Greek plenum, Wednesday. Mr. Tsipras bluntly rejected the proposal tabled by Mr. Mitsotakis in a TV interview for a parliamentary inquiry into the involvement of Greek Defence Minister Panos Kammenos who contacted a convicted drug dealer over the Noor-1 case. Mr. Mitsotakis had called for the setting up of a special committee in parliament to investigate whether Mr. Kammenos had breached any laws by speaking to a convicted felon over the phone during an interview on Star TV on Tuesday night. After a barrage of criticisms against Mr. Mitsotakis for failing to express any interest in real matters of corruption, including Siemens, the scandals in the previous Health Ministry or dodgy bank loans, Mr. Tispras accused his political opponent of focusing on a minor matter. “The fact that a convict called the Minister of National Defence and he told him to go to justice. This is the only serious matter that we need to look into, according to the ND leader. The plethora of scandals, the millions and bribes do not seem to concern him [Mitsotakis]”, the Greek PM said. Mr. Tsipras also attacked the leader of Democratic Alignment Fofi Genimata, claiming that it was the former leader of PASOK, Kostas Simitis who would go down as the politician who saw grafts and corruption flying by him and did nothing.