Greek PM Tsipas live press conference at TIF Helexpo 2017 (video)

Proto Thema banned from asking questions by the government

The press conference of Greek PM Alexis Tsipras at the 82nd Thessaloniki International Trade Fair (TIF) is under way and Proto Thema newspaper and site are abstaining from the interview protesting against the systematic blocking of its reporters to pose questions to the PM. Mr. Tsipras was asked if he would release any financial benefits in the event the projected state returns via taxation exceeded the set targets. “Fiscal leverage is created from the prospects of the economy”, the PM said adding that the possibility of overdraft had been taken into consideration with our partners who are extremely strict. He continued by saying that there would financial room above the 3.5% surplus in order for the state to make corrective measures noting that the public finances were on the right track. “In the first seven months of 2017 revenue excess was one billion,” said Mr. Tsipras indirectly promising benefits for 2019, despite the fact that for that period he has made commitments to the country’s creditors that Greece would adopt new measures, like the decrease of the tax free threshold. The Greek PM said he was determined to successfully complete the third evaluation by the country’s creditors. “We are determined to call a cabinet meeting immediately, we want to complete the third review as soon as possible. We will make the necessary interventions”, he said. “The end of the Greek crisis will be the end of the European crisis”, Mr. Tsipras underlined.