Greek PM Tsipras calls on IMF to clarify position on Greek program (video)

Greek PM post-EU summit press conference

Greek PM Alexis Tsipras told reporters that he called on the IMF to clarify its stance on whether it would participate in the Greek bailout program during a press conference following the EU Summit meeting in Brussels. “I asked the IMF to make its position clear and commit”, Mr. Tsipras told reporters. He continued by underlining the need for a debt relief and the inclusion of Greece in the ECB’s quantitative easing program. “The only option is the growth prospect we have, with the aim of exiting the current crisis. Austerity policies must be addressed in countries hit hardest”, he said. Mr. Tsipras expressed the view that a final agreement on the Greek program with the country’s creditors was close. “We are close to an agreement for the Greek program”. Mr. Tsipras claimed. On the refugee crisis, the Greek PM said that the matter was put forward during the meeting, adding that vigilance was a must. “We must focus on continuing the implementation of the EU-Turkey agreement”, he told reporters.