Greek PM Tsipras sends stern warning to Albania over Greek minority rights

Albania’s EU accession course could be jeopardised he said

Greek PM Alexis Tsipras used harsh rhetoric against the Albanian government warning PM Edi Rama’s administration that his country’s EU prospects could be harmed if the Albanian authorities failed to respect the rights of the Greek ethnic minority in Albania.
During a joint press conference after the leaders of the 4-member meeting in Bucharest, Romania, the Greek PM commented on Albania’s European accession prospects saying: “I am learning today that there is a negative development regarding the Greek community in Albania

He went on to note that if the news were true it would be a serious setback for Albania’s EU course.
“It is, therefore, an incident that does not allow us to be optimistic about the crucial European prospect of the country [Albania] which is facing crucial challenges and has to rise to the occasion”.

Mr Tsipras stressed that he supported the EU accession talks for Serbia, adding that the leaders talked about the significance of the Prespa Agreement which had paved the way for the accession of North Macedonia into the EU.

“Romania and Greece are the two most powerful economies in southeastern Europe, and our cooperation plays a key role in the stability and growth in the Balkans”, Alexis Tsipras stressed.
“Greece has a significant presence in the business life in Romania, as Greek entrepreneurship has so far created 20,000 jobs, with investments of 4 billion euros in key sectors of the economy, such as communications, infrastructure, and the banking sector”, the Greek Prime Minister stressed.