Greek police bust human trafficking ring

Operating since October 2016

Greek police arrested nine individuals in three cities in Greece accused of being involved in a human trafficking ring. After a prolonged operation that took place in Athens, Thessaloniki and Katerini, the special immigration unit arrested five Greek nationals, four Pakistanis, while a Greek and a Bulgarian, who were already in custody, were identified as the ring leaders. Eleven more individuals are also accused of similar charges. According to the police report, the criminal group was involved in trafficking illegal immigrants via the land borders between Turkey and Greece. After investigations Greek police determined their illicit activities has started in October 2016. Two of the ring members were responsible for finding immigrants in Turkey and transporting them across the Evros river borders between Greece and Turkey. Once over the borders two other members would transport the immigrants in Vans to special refugee processing camps in Thessaloniki, Athens and Thebes. Authorities estimate the ring has managed to transport over 200 illegal immigrants into Greece. During the arrests police confiscated 1 hand gun, 1 hunting rifle, 2 magazines and 35 cartridges.