Greek President: “Provocations are ‘inherent to smallness and insecurity’”

A clear answer to the repeated Turkish provocations


Provocations are “inherent to smallness and insecurity”. This straightforward response to Turkey was sent by the Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos, from the Hellenic Army outpost of Panagia at the Aegean Sea. This statement was given as an answer to the Turkish provocations that took place both yesterday and today, when radio warnings were given by the Turkish FIR controllers to the aircraft carrying the Greek President, saying that he was flying over the Turkish airspace!

Addressing the military personnel, the President of the Republic declared that he is proud for the Armed Forces of the country. “Here in Panagia is the point where the heart of the borders of Greece and Europe beats.”

“Here,” continued Pr. Pavlopoulos, “is a limit on which Europe, and of course Greece, sends to Turkey the timeless message we always send: We want peace. We offer a hand of friendship and good neighborliness. We are looking forward for Turkey’s European course,” is the message that our country sends.

“But the conditions are always specific and there are no discounts. And the conditions mean that Turkey fully respects international and European law. A law that does not allow any dispute and that eliminates the gray zones. Gray areas do not exist. These borders are kept by you as Greek and European soldiers. You defend the sovereignty, territory and borders of Greece, the sovereignty, the territory and the borders of Europe. And you defend them with bravery, as it fits the Greek and the European soldier. And he has proven this throughout history,” said the President.

“And bravery means I seek peace, but I am determined to give my life to defend the borders, the land and our sovereignty. Bravery is incompatible with provocations. The brave soldier does not provoke and indeed without a reason. That’s why you are brave. A provocation is a matter of smallness and insecurity. And you are neither small nor insecure. Let some people get this message. At least it will be useful for the course they must follow in the future.

“Because -the President concluded- the road is always open. But we are determined too and you are the proof of that. Again, thank you very much. Have strength and be proud of this great mission.”