Greek stock market opens with a 2% rise

Frankfurt is up 1.7-1.8% while France – Italy is up 2%

The Greek market, like European markets, is reacting after yesterday’s upward closing of Wall Street with a 2% rise – as investors there focused on opening up the economy and less on US-China relations.

Frankfurt is up 1.7-1.8% while France – Italy is up 2%.

The rise is tentative in Europe as the German Constitutional Court’s decision on the ECB’s bond purchase program is expected today. According to Bloomberg, the Karlsruhe Court will not cover the program.

In Athens, with a turnover of more than 3.5 million euros, the market again reached 615 points, marking an increase of 2.05%.

Eurobank’s share gained 4.45% to 0.3549 euros, while Piraeus shares rallied with an increase of 5.82% to 1,182 euros. Gains of 4.25% for the National Bank at 1,178 euros. Gains of 3.92% for Alpha bank at 0.636 euros. Gains of 3.45% for PPC.