Greek tourism on course to open on May 14, Minister Theoharis says

The tourists are obliged to comply with specific Covid-19 safety rules

Greek Minister for Tourism Haris Theoharis said that tourists would be welcome if they have been vaccinated, have antibodies, or a negative Covid-19 test, during a conference from the Acropolis Museum.

“We aim to open tourism by May 14, with specific rules and updated protocols. Until then, we will gradually lift the restrictions if conditions allow.”

Theocharis is giving a press conference from the Acropolis Museum in the context of the International Tourism Fair ITB Berlin, which this year due to coronavirus is held online.

According to the Minister’s statements in his introductory remarks,

-Tourists will be welcome if they are vaccinated before the trip or have antibodies or have a negative test.

-All tourists are likely to undergo a sampling test as was done last year. The important difference is the use of rapid tests.

– All needs that may arise in relation to Covid 19 (eg hospitalisation, etc.) will be provided by the Greek State at no cost to tourists.

– All the rules that apply to our citizens will apply to tourists – without any exceptions. For example, the use of the mask is currently mandatory in public places and applies to everyone.

Mr. Theocharis pointed out that the country would strengthen the structures of the public health system in all destinations, “as we did last year to ensure proper care for citizens and visitors.” In addition, in view of the opening of the season, “the vaccination of the people of tourism is prioritized, if the vaccination of the vulnerable groups is completed, while we will proceed with the updating of the health protocols, utilising the experience of last year”.