Greek yachting company takes silver prize in Luxury category awards

The winners were announced in the World Travel Market (WTM) in London

“Caldera Yachting – Santorini Luxury Cruises” picked up the second prize in the Luxury award category at the International Travel and Tourism Awards 2018 that took place at the World Travel Market (WTM) in London.

It was the only Greek nomination among dozens of companies with a global reach and recognition in the tourism industry, which competed in one of 14 special categories. In the category of “Best in Luxury”, the gold and silver prize was contested for by four companies, including Sofitel The Palm of Dubai and Taylor Morris & Mauritius Luxury campaign, which won the gold prize.

Natasha Koukouraki, responsible for the marketing of the company, said this distinction follows a number of other accolades in international competitions, such as last year’s “Best Chartering of the Year” award of the Luxury Travel Guide (LTG) Awards. The awards recognize the success of companies and individuals through an exploratory pre-selection process from an independent panel of expert judges. Caldera Yachting has been specializing in luxury cruises since 2009 and has been selected on the basis of the quality, high service and development criteria of the company, given the economic climate in the country in recent years. In particular, it recorded a 30% increase in turnover, an increase of 84% in synergies, a 173% increase in online booking, while it had exceptional reviews on a daily basis by its customers, as well as a high level of satisfaction (93- 97%) from its associates, as reported in the awards announcement.