Greeks blast Stefanos Tsitsipas over insensitive Harrods tweet

The Greek champion said it was time a Harrods store opened in Greece

Greek tennis champion Stefanos Tsitsipas came under fire when he tweeted it was time a Harrods Department store was built in Greece.

His comment drew a flurry of critical comments on Twitter with the majority of users accusing him of being completely out of touch with the harsh reality in his home country and insensitive to the plight of his compatriots, while others contrasted him with the other Greek international star, Giannis Antetokounmpo who recently handed out food to the poor in his old neighbourhood in Athens incognito.

Stefanos wrote on his personal Twitter account: “Someone has to build a Harrods store in Greece. The time has come”.

A few minutes later, the negative comments flooded in over the misplaced tweet, as the Twittersphere castigated him for living in another world and getting his priorities wrong. The majority of replies pointed out, either in a humorous manner or directly that while the country was suffering from serious economic problems amid a pandemic crisis, Tsitsipas wanted a branch of the world’s leading luxury department store to open.  To cater to who…many wondered.

One user wrote: “Tsitsipas-Antetokounbo: The anxiety of one is when Harrods will open in Greece and the other how the poor people in the popular neighbourhoods will have a plate of food. Great athletes both, but the greatness of one is not comparable to the other.”

Another said: “People in Greece and around the world are losing their jobs due to the pandemic. They’re struggling to pay their mortgages and rent. I highly doubt that high-end department stores are what is lacking”, while some replied: “Let me remind you that we do not have clean sheets in hospitals and doctors buy their own masks and gloves, but yes … we are missing Harrods.”

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