Greeks overwhelmingly support sealing of borders with Turkey, poll shows

84% expressed concerns over Turkey’s stance

The overwhelming majority of Greeks support the government’s handling of the crisis with Turkey on the border at Evros in northeastern Greece where thousands of illegal immigrants and refugees have gathered, according to a poll conducted by Pulse for Skai TV.

As the results revealed, 76% of respondents believe that government policy on the issue is in the right direction with only 18% considering it wrong.

84% of those polled expressed their concern about Turkey’s stance and recent developments on the migration issue, while public opinion is divided on the government’s plans to build closed hosting centre on the Greek islands.

As far as the other major issue in the news, the coronavirus epidemic, 42% are concerned about the outbreak in Greece. Regarding which party the respondents would vote for if elections were held, ND has a 14-point lead over SYRIZA.