Hand grenade blows up outside of the Russian consulate in Athens

Developing Story

The Greek police was alerted on the early hours of Friday morning when it was informed that a suspicious object was found at the Russian Consulate in Athens.

It was discovered that the object was a grenade. While initially it was reported that it was a false alarm, two hours later there was evidence discovered that there actually a grenade explosion beneath the outpost of the consulate.

According to the first information, the grenade was thrown by strangers who passed by on a motorcycle at 4 o’clock in the morning.

Five minutes later at Oikonomou street, in Exarchia, a burned motorcycle was found in Exarchia, which is being examined by police officers if it is related to the case.

The Russian consulate is in Chalandri, Tzavella Street 5, with police officers looking at all available camera footage to see the escape route of the two men used while seeking the incentives behind this action.

A similar attack had taken place at the French embassy.