Harvard to offer Game of Thrones course to students

Offered as part of medieval studies

At last all those Game of Thrones fanatics will see the endless hours of watching their favourite series pay off. Pulling a page from University of California, Berkeley’s course roster, Harvard University will use the blood, guts, and political intrigue of HBO’s huge hiot to draw students into the world of medieval studies.

Harvard’s medieval studies professors hope that the 100-level course can leverage student interest in Game of Thrones into a greater interest in the humanities. As Time noted, student interest in this area of study has waned in recent years, per an American Academy of Arts & Sciences study that reported an 8.7 percent decline in bachelor’s degrees awarded in this subject area between 2012 and 2014.
Harvard is far from the first to lure its students into courses with Game of Thrones-adjacentsubject matter— in fact, UC Berkeley has offered multiple courses that draw inspiration from the series. In 2015, it offered a film studies course, “Film Genre: Game of Thrones” centered on the show’s theatrical themes.
And this summer, the school will offer a six-week course titled “The Linguistics of Game of Thrones and the Art of Language Invention,” taught by Dothraki creator David J. Peterson.

source: mashable.com

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