Have the Turks evacuated the illegal immigrants and refugees from Evros?

It appears that the nearly 2,000 immigrants have been moved elsewhere

According to reliable information, the 1,500-2,000 illegal immigrants and refugees that were camped opposite the Kastanies checkpoint on the Turkish side of the border in Evros and attempted to break into Greek territory were moved to a location that has not been identified by Greek authorities.

Initially, around midnight the around 2,000 illegal immigrants and refugees had been hurling stones and chemicals at Greek forces in their failed attempt to breach the Greek borderline.

According to unconfirmed information, the migrants who were transported to the Kastanies forest on Friday morning were boarded by buses, apparently provided by the Turkish authorities and organised elsewhere. The same sources report that earth-moving machinery from Turkey levelled the area where the illegal immigrants had camped in the past three weeks.

The Greek side is cautious to conclude conclude that the Turks evacuated the camp in front of Kastanies.

The line of defence at the Greek borders made of police and military forces that have taken over the protection of the Greek border in Evros remains unchanged and the number of men on the Greek-Turkish border remains unchanged.

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