Heavy rainfall and thunderstorms to affect Greece on Wednesday night

The phenomena will gradually cover all the country

Heavy rainfall, strong winds, thunderstorms are forecast to hit Greece starting from Wednesday night, according to the National Observatory of Athens.

The new severe weather front has been named and “Ballos” and is expected to initially affect the Ionian, Epirus, Western Macedonia, Thessaly, and mainland Greece (Sterea) and will gradually spread to the rest of the country.

Heavy rains and thunderstorms, along with hailstorms in the island and coastal areas will be cover the western regions of Greece.

There is also a snowfall forecast in the mountainous regions mainly of Western Macedonia and in Pindos from the morning of Thursday 14/10.

Stormy winds in the seas are predicted, which in some areas will reach 8 and on Friday 15/10 in the Ionian 9 Beaufort.

The temperature is forecast to drop notably affecting mainly the mainland.

The latest front comes on the heels of “Athena” a severe weather front that caused floods in Euboea and other parts of the country.

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