Hundreds of groups and clubs prepare for rally on Macedonian issue

Rally to take place on January 21 in Thessaloniki, capital of Macedonia

A number of social groups, organisations, and private citizens are preparing to take part in a rally expressing their objections to the use of the name Macedonia following the developments on the issue. The organisers state that their goal is to show that the sovereign public is at the forefront and express “its clear command to the political staff of the country in order to change the current political course that accepts a compound name that includes the term Macedonia”. They go on to say that the use of the name “Macedonia” is non-negotiable and that any such negotiations would constitute a distortion of historical truth and would be contrary to the will of the Greek people.
The Macedonian Rally will take place on January 21, at 2 pm, at the White Tower, in the center of Thessaloniki. The rally is supported directly or indirectly by hundreds of cultural clubs in Northern Greece, mayors or municipal councilors from almost all the municipalities of Macedonia, clergy or bishops from the Metropoles of Macedonia, dozens of professional and sports, as well as all the Christian associations in Thessaloniki.