“I might release 2015 Eurogroup recordings”: Varoufakis reveals to Thema Radio

The former Greek Finance Minister said everyone was recording the meetings

Yanis Varoufakis, Greece’s former Finance Minister and head of the leftist DiEM25 party, revealed to Thema Radio 104.6 that he was considering the possibility of “uploading” the recordings of Eurogroup meetings on the Internet.

“I’m thinking about posting the recordings [Eurogroup meetings] to the internet. After all, I was the only one who respected privacy, everyone else leaked. It would be good for Europe’s historical archive,” said Varoufakis.

“Everybody is recording the meetings and they have to do it,” the former finance minister said.

Concerning the film by Kostas Gavras named ”Adults in the Room” an adaptation of Varoufakis’s homonym book presented at the Venice Festival, the former Minister revealed that he disagrees with the way his book was presented, quick to add that “serious people must be in constant dialogue with ourselves. A book can be conveyed in infinite ways. The more I love a movie, the more I fight with it. ”

At the same time, he dismissed as “ridiculous” criticism levelled against Kostas Gavras about the reason he made the movie. “Those who make such criticism must be ashamed”, said the DiEM25 leader, adding that “Gavras has no obligation to answer why he made the film, let’s all be serious.”

The movie deals with the inner workings of EU institutions as laid out in Varoufakis’s book and the decision-making centres of the EU, and in particular the Eurogroup, in 2015 when Varoufakis was in talks with Greece’s European partners in an effort to hammer out a bailout package