Iceland EBU fines Iceland for their band’s display of Palestinian scarves during Eurovision final

Guest singer Madonna also provoked controversy when two of her dancers appeared on stage with Israeli and Palestinian flags on their costumes

Iceland has received a fine from the organisers of the Eurovision Song Contest after their band displayed scarves with Palestinian flags during the contest’s final in Israel.

The contest’s organisers, the European Broadcasting Union, said Saturday in a statement seen by Euronews that this gesture infringed their rules banning political gestures.

Rule 2.6 of the competition stipulates that “participating broadcasters shall ensure all necessary steps are undertaken within their respective delegations and teams in order to make sure that the ESC shall in no case be politicized and/or instrumentalized.”

Hatari is known for being against Israel’s occupation in the Palestinian territories.

There was no mention of how much they had fined Iceland’s public broadcaster but did reveal it was “in line with the rules of the competition”. The fine was upheld following an appeal, it added.

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