Ikaria island’s longevity the focus of Athens International Conference

Conference to last 2 days and is free for public

Ikaria, a northeastern Aegean island that is home to some 8,500 inhabitants, is one of the five regions of the world with the highest rates of longevity, according to international studies.
The Research Institute for Longevity and Prevention of Old Age Diseases, led by Cardiology Professor Christodoulos Stefanadis, is holding a 2-day Conference titled “Longevity: A Realistic Goal” in Athens on September 8 and 9. One of the most recent studies to be presented at the Conference, which is free for the public, is the IKARIA study which was conducted with the purpose of investigating the demographic of Ikaria and the social, environmental and genetic make up of the island’s inhabitants in an effort to unravel the privilege of long life they enjoyed.
Cardiovascular health is among the first topics to be covered in the first day of the Conference at the Hilton Hotel, while other themes to be discussed include smoking and its effects on health, obesity.
Entrance to the “Longevity: A Realistic Goal” conference is free for the public.