Illegal nurse jumps to her death from 1st floor of hospital

The foreign woman tried to avoid arrest

A private nurse has died in tragic circumstances after jumping from the first floor of the General State Hospital of Nikea in an effort to avoid detention after she was found to lack the proper license to exercise the profession.
The 50-year-old woman, who was reportedly from eastern Europe and was acting as a private nurse in the second-pathological ward on the first floor of the hospital initially tried to hide after a special inspection unit started checking for illegal nurses.

In her panic, and in an attempt to escape an audit, the woman jumped from the first floor sustaining fractures. It was initially thought she had sustained minor injuries. She was immediately moved to the Hospital’s Emergency Unit where doctors tied to save her but failed.

The issue of illegal exclusive nurses is a chronic problem for state hospitals, due to the shortages of nursing staff in most clinics. Many patients’ escorts air families are compelled to use exclusive nurses as they are unable to stay by the bed of the patients overnight.