Incredible moment tourist is blown off the ground at Skiathos airport! (video)

The man was filming the takeoff of a jet engine aircraft

A Brit tourist was blown off his feet by a Thomas Cook jet engine while he was filming close to a Greek airport runway.
Paul Turner, from Cheshire, was keen to get a close glimpse of the jet at Skiathos Airport because it was part of his “bucket list”.
The jaw-dropping footage begins with the Airbus A321-231 veering towards the runway for takeoff.
As it turns and sets on the runway the plane engines blast air towards tourists stood at least 30ft away, making it difficult for onlookers to stand still without holding onto the fence.

The plane speeds for takeoff, sending people some flying backwards.
Paul said: “I have always wanted to stand in the jet stream of a passenger jet after seeing videos on Facebook of other people doing it at Skiathos Airport.

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