International media on Trump-Tsipras meeting

Media focus on question to Tsipras about his past comment that if Trump won it would be a bad thing

The friendly atmosphere and US investments in Greece are at the centre of global media coverage of the meeting between Greek PM Alexis Tsipras and US President Donald Trump. The international media also focus on the trick question directed at Mr. Tsipras during the joint press conference when he was asked whether he stood by an earlier statement he had made that Trump was “bad”.
US network CNBC reports: “Trump’s message to Tsipras is that the US can increase investment in Greece, a key alliance in NATO,” while ABC News points out that “Donald Trump praises the Greek leader despite his comment about the “bad Trump” in the past. The German public broadcaster ZDF2 reports the meeting with the title “Tsipras and Trump on a cosy cosy path”, while Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) points out: “Trump and Tsipras shower one another with praise “. Bloomberg reports that Alexis Tsipras assured that he had a “productive” meeting with Donald Trump and noted that he did not feel “threatened at any moment” by the American president, while the report brings up Tsipras’s comment on the prospect of a Donald Trump presidential victory before the US elections in 2016 with the phrase “I hope this evil will not befall upon us”.