Investment opportunities in Greece at the 12th Annual Greek Roadshow

Greece is creating a investment-friendly environment

Economy Minister Dimitri Papadimitriou presented Greece’s comparative advantages and opportunities for investments during a speech at the 12th Annual Greek Roadshow held in London on September 20 and 21.

“Undoubtedly, Greece is on the path of recovery and the beginning of a lively period for its economy. This is recognized by the markets,” he said adding it resulted in “the undertaking of large investment projects by the investment community.”

Papadimitriou said there investment opportunities in sectors such as agro-tourism, thermal springs, religious and cultural tourism, supply chains, agri-food production, pharmaceutical products, information technology and communications, transport infrastructure and energy.

He then referred to the steps taken by the government to create an investment-friendly environment adding that when progress has been made in fiscal adjustment, the government intends to reduce the tax burden on the private sector, either by reducing VAT or property taxes and/or social security contributions.

The minister concluded his speech with the question “why invest in Greece?” which he responded by presenting the following six advantages that the country offers:

– Profitability potential: the use of highly skilled labour at competitive wages along with the rich material resources that can support tourism, energy, mining, food processing industry, the life sciences, including the pharmaceutical industry and clinical trials, supply chains and new technologies
– Currency stability in the Eurozone
– Geostrategic position and stability
– Active privatization program that offers investment opportunities to public utility companies and other state-owned businesses
– Competitive advantages: It is a developed country with opportunities for growth that are mainly found in emerging economies
– Political stability and security in the EU and NATO