Iron Maiden’s frontman Bruce Dickinson will present his autobiography in Athens!

Would you miss the opportunity to ask Bruce a question?


Bruce Dickinson is undoubtedly one of the most iconic figures of musical history. Over the decades that have passed by giving unforgettable live performances with Iron Maiden, Bruce Dickinson’s life has proven to be just as exciting outside the scene.

Bruce Dickinson is a pilot and entrepreneur while also being a brewer, motivational speaker, published writer, radio producer and fencer!

In 2017, his autobiography “What Does This Button Do?”, became immediately bestseller in the New York & UK Times while he appeared in selected UK halls, presenting parts and answering questions from his fans.

Of course, “What Does This Button Do? – An Evening with Bruce Dickinson” has evolved into a complete, self-standing performance, a true stand-up shows. Audiences and critics worldwide are impressed by his wretchedness and characterize the show as a must-see.

“What Does This Button Do? – An Evening with Bruce Dickinson” is divided into two parts and lasts longer than two hours. In the first, Bruce narrates, always with humor and self-sarcasm moments of his incredible life. Sharing with the public stories and photos that did not even reach the pages of his book!

The second half is dedicated to Bruce’s audience, with questions and answers! The fans ask and Bruce answers with the classic humor that distinguishes the charismatic frontman.

On November 4, the Greek audience at Pallas Theater in Athens will have a unique opportunity to see the ultimate metal frontman, listen to his experiences and become a member of Bruce Dickinson’s wonderful world!

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