#IstandwithGreece trends, as thousands support Greece’s right to defend its borders (videos-photos)

Thousands of twitter users express solidarity to Greece

Greece is receiving a wave of solidarity over the border crisis with Turkey, as thousands of messages by users around the globe on twitter under the hashtag phrase #IstandwithGreece and #Greece_under_attack have been trending on the social media platform.

Most express their solidarity with Greece over the country’s attempt to defend its territory from an “invasion” by thousands of people that have amassed on the northeastern land borders with Turkey at Evros, and its islands.

Many are blaming Turkish President Erdogan for facilitating their movement to cross into Greece, while pointing out he is in fact responsible for exacerbating the crisis via his policies inSyria and Idlib.

A number of videos, photos and media reports have been posted on Twitter showing thousands of ‘immigrants’ trying to enter Greece because of Erdogan’s policy. Some call it an open invasion, while blasting Turkish military for distributing tear gas to refugees and illegal immigrants to throw towards Greek police on the other side of the borderline.

Many users, in their comments, cite Europe’s stance on the problem, pointing out that Europe seems to be failing to understand that Greece’s borders are its own.