Jewelry exhibition from the School of Silver & Goldsmithing of Stemnitsa (photos)

Visitors have the opportunity of a virtual tour as well

The Piraeus Group Cultural Foundation (PGCF) and the Stemnitsa School of Silver & Goldsmithing present the annual jewelry exhibition of the students of the School.

Since 2015, the exhibition is organized at the Open Air Museum of Hydrokinesis of PGCF, in Dimitsana, strengthening the ties between the two mountain settlements of Arcadia.

This synergy strongly supports the art of silversmithing, which flourished in Stemnitsa in the 19th century and remains alive to this day, thanks to the local craftsmen who transmit their knowledge from generation to generation.

This year, for the first time, the exhibition is presented virtually as well, adapting to the conditions of the pandemic.

Exploring the virtual environment of the exhibition through computer and mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the handmade jewelry of first and second year students of the period 2019-20.

Silver, bronze, gold and copper, materials processed with a variety of traditional and modern techniques, in a creative combination with precious stones and other natural or decorative materials, give a rich set of rings, bracelets, pendants, earrings and brooches of different categories, shapes and sizes. The jewelry are presented through photographs, which were edited by the creators themselves.

The Silver & Goldsmithing is located in Stemnitsa, Arcadia, a village of one hundred inhabitants on Mount Mainalos. It was founded in 1976 by Lampis Katsoulis (silversmith craftsman, awarded for his work by the Academy of Athens) and Aristides Vlachogiannis (craftsman specializing in metalworking and ecclesiastical items). They started teaching the art of the Silversmith in a school that was then the Handicraft Center of EOMMEX. Since 1980 the School is under the Ministry of Education as a Public Vocational School.

Its foundation was favored by the rich tradition of the area, with Stemnitsa being a famous metallurgical and silver and gold center since the post-Byzantine years and producing worthy craftsmen to this day.

The School is public, offers free education and teaches art to students from all over Greece. Since 2013 it is a two year public vocational school and includes classes for teaching handmade jewelry.

Always known as the School of Silver & Goldsmithing of Stemnitsa, it continues the tradition with the main orientation of combining the perfect technique with the modern perception of form, design and artistic expression. In recent years it is constantly upgrading the level of education, collaborates with renowned craftsmen and professionals in the field, organizes specialized seminars, participates in industry exhibitions and is distinguished in various Greek and international competitions.

Take a virtual tour of the exhibition HERE

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