Jobless rate falls in May to 17.2%

Youth unemployment fell to a historic low since the crisis hit

Unemployment fell to 17.2% in May this year, from 19.4% in May 2018 and down from 17.4% in April 2019, according to data released by the Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT). One of the most positive figures is that the jobless rate among youth (24 y.o) reached a historical low since the economic crisis started.

According to a study by the labour force of ELSTAT, the unemployed amounted to 815.166 persons and decreased by 108.124 compared to May 2018 ( a decline of 11.7%) and by 10.902 persons compared to April 2019 (a decrease of 1.3%).

The total number of those employed is estimated to be 3.922.991 and the number of employees increased by 81.995 compared to May 2018 (2.1% increase) and 6.183 persons compared to April 2019 (0.2% increase).

The economically inactive population (unemployed or job seekers) amounted to 3.198.741 persons and decreased by 16.919 persons compared to May 2018 (0.5% decrease) and by 772 persons compared to April 2019 (negligible change).

The female unemployment rate (21.2% in May 2019 from 24.1% in May 2018) remains significantly higher than that for men (14% from 15.6%).