Kammenos: The father of Kountouras composed the song for the military junta

The former Defence Minister blasted SYRIZA and Mrs Kountoura

The leader of the Independent Greeks (ANEL) and former Defence Minister, Panos Kammenos unleashed an acrimonious attack against PM Alexis Tsipras and Minister of Tourism and former ANEL MP Elena Kountouras during an interview on Star TV’s nightly news bulletin, Monday night.

Mr Kammenos had earlier ejected Kountouras from the party.
The leader of ANEL accused the centre-left and Mr Tsipras saying they could not rely on an MP such as Mrs Kountouras, as her father had been a supporter of the military junta and had written a pro-junta song in the 1960s.

“Her father wrote the anthem of April 21st, Hellas, Greeks, Christians … If that is the type of the left they want then it is theirs”, said Panos Kammenos among other things.

The father of Elena Kountoura, Alexander Kountouras was an officer of the Greek Army. He was a music lieutenant and composed, along with his colleague Georgios Karydakis, a military march that glorified the dictatorship.

In December 1967 he participated in the anti-coup d’état of King Constantine against the military junta. After the failure of this move, the junta removed him from his post.