Kammenos will give a press conference after tomorrow’s meeting with PM Tsipras

New developments


Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras contacted the Minister of National Defense, Panos Kammenos, on Saturday, and invited him to meet at 10:30 tomorrow morning.

According to information, the initial appointment had been agreed on Friday night by Alexis Tsipras and Panos Kammenos for Monday. However, there was a leak from Kammenos’ party “Independent Greeks” about when they meeting would take place, something that led Alexis Tsipras to speed it up.

On late Saturday afternoon, the party of “Independent Greeks” announced that Panos Kammenos will give a press conference at 12:30 at a central Athens hotel.

So the ball for the final decisions regarding the way the government’s future is now in the hands of Alexis Tsipras.