Katsifas’ murder: Albanian authorities return his body to the family (Upd.)

The Albanian President had to intervene…

UPDATE: According to the latest information on the case, the Albanian authorities have called Katsifas’ father, Ioannis Katsifas, to Tirana in order to take his son’s body.


In the next hours and until Wednesday morning, the body of Konstantinos Katsifas will be handed over to his relatives.

According to epiruspost.gr, Albanian President Ilir Meta responded to the letter sent by the president of the Human Rights Association Party, Vangelis Doules.

Vangelis Doulous had highlighted the humanitarian dimension of the issue, noting that it is important for the Albanian authorities to return Katsifas’ body to his family and be buried in his village of Vouliarates.

Yesterday evening the President of Albania contacted Doules, who himself is a member of the Greek minority.

The Prosecutor’s Office, according to the same sources, has completed the procedures concerning the forensic investigation, although the authorities do not provide any official answer as to why it took them eight days to do so since the forensic examination of the body.

The meeting of the president’s advisors ended with a commitment on that the release protocol from the Tirana morgue will be signed this evening or at the latest on Wednesday morning so that the body is returned to Katsifas’ family.