Kotzias doubles down on “fascist”, “extreme right” labels for dissneters to Prespa Agreement

SYRIZA finds it difficult to accept that one can disagree without being a fascist

Former Foreign Minister of Greece, Nikos Kotzias doubled down on his characterisation of Greeks protesting in Munich against the Prespa Agreement during his talk as “fascists”, “extreme right” and “junta-lovers”.

In his latest post on Twitter on Tuesday, the former foreign minister also criticised “domestic interests” for providing the citizens with “cover” and “protection”, as he claimed in his tweet.
In a speech in Munich, citizens who disagreed with the Prespa Agreement interrupted Nikos Kotzias, who immediately dubbed them “far-right, fascist, junta-lovers” addressing them with phrases such as “listen up junta-lovers”, “shut your mouth and listen”.

Kotzias was instrumental in pushing thru the Prespa Agreement with FYROM (now North Macedonia), which caused a great degree of opposition from the majority of the Greek public, including SYRIZA supporters, as multiple polls showed.
Since the agreement was ratified SYRIZA has adopted a narrative of smearing anyone who expresses dissent or disagreement with the deal by labelling them extreme right, Nazis or fascists.