Kotzias will meet with Tillerson on March 13th

A crucial meeting

The Greek Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikos Kotzias will have a meeting with Rex Tillerson on March 13th in Washington. The meeting is a very good opportunity for Athens to express its concerns about the Turkish dangerously provocative stance of the last months and to promote its positions on a series of issues and especially the Cyprus negotiations.


The meeting was confirmed by the State Department. The meeting is also important because Tillerson is one of the people who is really close to President Trump and many countries want a meeting with him to express their views on their issues and to see how and if the US foreign policy will change under the new administration.


Although there is no official confirmation, Mr Kotzias will probably meet other officials too and sources around him do not rule out the possibility of going to New York as well for that reason.


On Monday Mr. Kotzias will go be in Brussels for the meeting of the European Council of Foreign Affairs. On Tuesday and Wednesday, he will be in Tbilisi, Georgia and on Thursday and Friday he will be in Erevan, Armenia.