Kotzias: “Zaev chose the name – It will include the term ‘Macedonia'”!

The language will also be “Macedonian”


“We want an agreement for FYROM with long-lasting gains for both sides and acceptable to the peoples” the Greek Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikos Kotzias stated in an interview to Kontra news, adding that “we are firmly in favor of the solution”.

Mr. Kotzias also said that the new phone call between FYROM’s PM Zoran Zaev and the Greek PM Alexis Tsipras will take place tomorrow, after which the announcement of the name the two sides agreed on will be made.

In any case, as he revealed, the choice of the final name from the two who remained at the negotiating table was made by Mr. Zaev, and as he stated, the final solution will certainly include the term “Macedonia”.

The two names under discussion are “Severna Makedonija” (Northern Macedonia) and “Upper Macedonia”, with the latter being likely the name FYROM will choose.

Also, the language will be “Macedonian”, as it has been recognized by the UN since 1977. “There has been agreed that in the language it will be clear that [the language] has nothing to do with ancient Greece”, he noted.