Legendary band “Scorpions” back in Athens in July (video)

The will play at the Panathenaic Stadium

The legendary German rock band “Scorpions” are expected to be back in our Greece next July for a special concert at the Panathenaic Stadium.
It was July 2016 when they performed their previous “farewell” concert at Nero Square in Athens during their “50th Anniversary World Tour”. And we write “another one,” because the band has started to say “goodbye” to its fans from 2010 onwards, when they announced that they would hold a three-year world tour, the “Farewell Tour”, putting a glorious end fitting their long careers.
Exactly two years after the concert of 2016 and according to the newspaper “TA NEA”, the group will meet its many Greek fans and present a show in collaboration with the Athens State Orchestra, “marrying” their rock melodies with the symphonic music.

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