Letter to FT: “Please stop promoting Varoufakis and his works”

An…original request


Stephen C. Capsaskis sent a letter to the Financial Times with an interesting request: He wants them to stop promoting Yanis Varoufakis…

This is the short letter:

Sir, As a longstanding reader of the FT, I find myself at a loss to understand how, twice in three days, FT columnists have seen fit to promote Yanis Varoufakis, Greece’s former finance minister, and his works (Martin Wolf in Summer books, Life & Arts, June 24, and Wolfgang Münchau in “Greece offers lessons on how to negotiate Brexit”, June 26).

Those of us who had to live through Mr Varoufakis’ so-called negotiation with Greece’s creditors in 2015 (in reality a six-month-long “game of chicken”), and still have to live with the attendant damage it caused the Greek economy (estimated by the Bank of Greece to be in excess of €85bn, or 46 per cent of gross domestic product), are entitled to feel that Mr Wolf and Mr Münchau are adding insult to our injury by sustaining his longstanding self-promotion campaign, of which his six-month stewardship of the Greek economy is but a single (expensive) chapter.

Stephen C Capsaskis

Athens, Greece