Lithuania calls on Amazon to stop selling products bearing Soviet-Communist symbols

Lithuania says the hammer and sickle represents tyranny and oppression

Lithuania called on Amazon to halt the sale of products bearing the Soviet symbol of the hammer and sickle, which, according to Vilnius, offends victims of communist totalitarianism.

Vytautas Landsbergis, a Lithuanian conservative politician and Member of the European Parliament, who was the first head of state of Lithuania after its independence declaration from the Soviet Union, published an open letter to the owner of Amazon Jeff Bezos requesting the company stops selling products with the symbol of the Soviet hammer and sickle on the eve of the 80th anniversary of the pact between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.

“Amazon distributes some consumer products bearing the symbols of Communist tyranny, the USSR, Hitler’s partner in war crimes and genocide,” Landsbergis, 86, said in the open letter.

“August 23 is known as the start of the deadly World War II, because of the criminal agreement signed between Stalin and Hitler in 1939, 80 years ago, would be the most appropriate time to end its use”, Landsbergis said.

Lithuanian Foreign Minister Lina Linkevicius said his country’s diplomats have also called on Amazon not to sell the products carrying the shekel and hammer anymore.

“It is traumatic. Stalinist crimes are not understood by everyone. It is a matter of historical justice,” the Lithuanian top diplomat said.