Developments from St. Petersburg attacks. 9 killed (videos-photos)

Many injured

At least 10 people are reported killed and 50 injured in an underground explosion that rocked a train station in the city of St Petersburg. Some reports say there were two separate blasts in two carriages, while others say that an IED placed bewteen two carriages caused the explosion. People were evacuated from the stations immediately.
Images and videos posted on social media showed a train carriage with its doors blown out and damage inside. All metro stations in St Petersburg have been closed, Interfax reported, citing metro staff. The blast happened as Russian President Vladimir Putin was meeting with Belarussian leader Alexander Lukashenko in the city. President Vladimir Putin said he could not rule out the blast being a terrorist attack and expressed his condolences to the families of the victims and those injured. Russian anti-terrorist units neutralised an improvised explosive device (IED).


#взрыв на двух станциях в Питере. Взрыв прогремел в вагоне поезда в петербургском метро, станции «Технологический институт» и «Сенная площадь» закрыты на вход и выход, сообщает подземка. «Станции «Технологический институт» и «Сенная площадь» закрыты на вход и выход, поезда следуют без остановки. Происходит эвакуация пассажиров, есть пострадавшие», — говорится в релизе. «Предположительно, в вагоне произошел взрыв неустановленного предмета», — сообщает метрополитен.

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