Londoners spot “massive fireball” meteor lighting up the night sky (video-photo)

“Did anyone else see a super bright meteor, green-blue in color falling?”

You’d be forgiven for not wanting to be outside yesterday evening as it was, after all, soaking wet.

Still, a couple of Londoners who did venture out seemed to catch a glimpse of a fiery meteor streaking through the sky.

It was captured on video and uploaded to Twitter where others confirmed the sighting. The fireball occurred at 7.54pm on Tuesday, September 24 and was spotted over the Barnet area of North London.

Since the sighting occurred, the UK’s Meteor Observation Network has confirmed that it was a gigantic fireball making an appearance during the wet weather.

The meteor-tracking group said: ‘A massive fireball spotted from our East Barnet Camera even through the cloud cover.’

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