Luxury travel: High-end German tourists seek unique experiences and quality time

The desire to save traveling time while continuing to enjoy high standards of comfort is getting more important

Luxury travelers in Germany want not only five-star hotels and top comfort but also unique experiences and quality time with their family, according to a new survey as well as specialist tour operators, reports.

High-end customers seek a mix of traditional luxury travel products and new elements, the latest annual “Consumer generations” survey of the top-earning one-third of the population by German consultants Keylens and Inlux found. The main results for tourism showed that luxury customers are paying more attention to internet ratings and reviews but a five-star standard remains by far the most important factor.

For example, luxury cruises are not only popular with older customers but are a relevant holiday option for more than half of those born since 1967. Expedition ships are attractive for many well-off travelers aged below 50. And almost half (47%) of those born after 1995 would go on a luxury cruise holiday.

In terms of general travel motivations, there are two principal types. Quality time with family or friends is the most important element for 62% of all respondents. Ideally, this is combined with special moments or unique experiences that remain memorable for a long time. Another major need across all age-groups is for relaxation and compensation for stressful everyday life.

Nevertheless, there are also significant differences between the five different generations, according to the survey:

Silent Generation (born before 1946). Familiar surroundings on holiday and recognition by hosts is decisive for this customer segment. Five-star classification is less significant than for other age-groups.

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