Man arrested in Scotland for writing offensive comments on restaurant napkin!

The 22-year-old man wrote racially offensive comments in a Chinese restaurant

Political correctness has been deeply ingrained in western societies for quite some time now. The initial goal was definitely noble and with the most sincere intentions at heart, but in some cases nowadays, the extent of its reach and application has gone far beyond any reasonable measure. The UK, it seems, is at the forefront of some of the most absurd manifestations of this ideology. In a country that welcomes the arrival of some of the vilest Islamic hate preachers, and even fighters of ISIS, where authorities turned a blind eye to years of grooming of young girls by gangs of Muslim men throughout the UK, police are expending resources into investigating online hate crimes! The latest of these is an incident where police in Dumfries, Scotland arrested a 22-year-old man for allegedly writing racially offensive comments on a napkin! The inquiry began after racially-offensive comments were found scrawled on a napkin in a local Chinese restaurant.
The discovery was made by a member of staff at the Hong Kong Star in the Friars Vennel.