Man claims he cut throat of military cadet on Bosporus Bridge during coup attempt

“I slit the throat of the soldier … I will cut your throat as well”


The sister of a military cadet who was killed on the Bosporus Bridge on the night of a failed coup in Turkey on July 15, 2016, has posted the message of a man from her Twitter account who claims to have killed her brother, the TR724 news website reported on Wednesday.

Murat Tekin, 25, was one of a group of cadets who were deployed to the Bosporus Bridge in Constantinople on the night of the coup attempt, which claimed the lives of some 250 people and was suppressed overnight. His sister, Mehtap, has been claiming that his throat was cut by an angry mob, backing up her allegation with an autopsy report that stated that his body exhibited injuries caused by sharp objects.

On Tuesday Mehtap Tekin posted a message from a man by the name of Yusuf Tosun from her Twitter account, saying that he claims to be the killer of her brother.

In the message, Tosun says he was the one who cut the throat of her brother on the Bosporus Bridge and tells Tekin to stop her efforts for an investigation into the murder.

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