Man recalls chilling moments he saved his sister from being raped by gang of immigrants!

Incident occurred in Argos in the Peloponnese

Speaking to, a 30-woman recalls her nightmare as a gang of immigrants from Pakistan and Afghanistan attempted to rape her in the city of Argos in the Peloponnese.

“I still can’t believe what happened to me. Suddenly, as I was walking at least 6 to 7 male foreigners pounced on me, while another 15 were approaching me. I was afraid for my life. if my brother hadn’t come to find me I do not know what might have happened to me.”

Her brother, who also spoke to, recounts the scary moments vividly. He says his sister had been upset over a personal matter and decided to go for a walk and clear her mind. “But she walked far from our house, and because I know Afghans and Pakistanis cause problems, especially to women, at nightfall I was concerned and took my moped to find her”, he said. He went on to describe how, while he was looking for her, he saw his sister surrounded by 5 to 6 immigrants initially, with 15 more fast approaching.

“They were looking at my sister from top to bottom and were whispering something in their language. At that point, I got really angry and told them: ‘What are you looking at?’, and turning to my sister I told her to hop on the bike fast because I didn’t know what could happen”. He says she hopped on and they rode away.

“If I had not gone to meet her and bring her back, they would surely have raped her in the dark.” He says that they are unscrupulous claiming they often block the road whenever they see a woman driver, while they sometimes walk naked in front of women in the middle of the road. “
After rescuing his sister, the man returned to where the incident had taken place accompanied by his other brother and friends and tried to locate the would-be attackers. Upon realising he had returned, the foreigners called for backups from the nearby refugee camp. More foreigners and immigrants showed up armed with wooden beams but quickly dispersed after they realised police were on their way.