Maria Kotrotsou sues Greek state for abandoning her daughter Myrto (video)

Myrto Kotrotsou left wheelchair-bound after attack by illegal immigrant

Maria Kotrotsou, the mother of Myrto, the teenage girl (20 now) who has been forced to live in a wheelchair for the past five and a half years after she had been brutally assaulted on the island of Paros by a Pakistani illegal immigrant, is suing the Greek state.

Speaking to radio station “” Mrs. Kotrotsou said she was filing a lawsuit because the state had abandoned her daughter and did not cover the girl’s health-rehabilitation expenses. She explained that the family received a meagre 730-euro monthly allowance that was insufficient to cover the immense costs needed for her treatment.

As she stressed the money was barely enough to take care of the bare essentials, adding that the previous government had helped her daughter by sending her to the US. As Mrs. Kotrotsou pointed out the authorities informed her the state was unable to cover the medical costs for Myrto’s treatment because the culprit of the assault was from a country that Greece had no bilateral agreement with.

Maria Kotrotsou said that Greek citizens had not only responsibilities but also right too and that she was exercising hers via the lawsuit. Mrs. Kotrotsou said Myrto was basically surviving due to the kindness and contributions of normal people, as the state was completely indifferent.