Massive Cyberattack against the Hellenic Armed Forces network!

What happened and when did it happen


The Greek Pentagon became the target of an organized cyberattack. The computer network of the Ministry of Defense, the National Defense General Staff and the Navy General Staff were fiercely attack in one of the most -if not the most- serious such incidents of its kind.

The attack started on Sunday at 19:00′ and lasted until 20:30′. During this period the Cyber-Defense Command of the Hellenic Armed Forces counted over 20.000(!) attacks seemingly from all over the world. However, it is a common tactic of hackers to try and hide their position by making it look as if they are anywhere but where they really are. The Greek authorities are locating the actual origin of attack in Turkey.

The objective of the attack was to bring the network down and apparently upload anything they wanted. The communication impact of a picture like the Turkish flag on the website of the Greek Ministry of Defense would be especially embarrassing. Thanks to the efforts of the Greek Cyber-Defense units, nothing like that happened.

The Greek authorities are expecting such provocations to escalate on all levels in the next approximately 40 days until the referendum in Turkey about the constitutional changes President Erdogan is trying to pass.