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Embrace the world’s healthiest diet with these delicious dishes

For all you food lovers around the world that adore Greek cuisine but the language is…all Greek to you, we reload our English section with our pick of best Greek dishes so you can sample all the country has to offer!



Greece is home to some of the finest ingredients and dishes in the world that have undeniably been gaining ground among people’s preferences for the past decade. And that is because Greek cuisine is not only about feta cheese, mousaka or souvlaki! It is far more than that! It is an integral part of Mediterranean Cooking, and allthough the countries around the Mediterranean Sea share the same sun or sea, the same mild winters or hot summers, most importantly they share the same love for hearty meals, quality ingredients and savory recipes.


Click on and discover classic and contemporary Greek recipes based on the Mediterranean Diet. Embrace the world’s healthiest diet with these delicious dishes cooked with olive oil, that make smart use of grains, rice, pasta, dairy, vegetables, legumes, white and red meat.

Welcome to and enjoy our easy, healthy, delicious Mediterranean recipes, perfect for any occasion that distil “the best of Greece” and offer it on a silver-platter.