Meet 6-year-old Stelios who will play at New York’s Carnegie Hall (video)

He loves Bach and Beethoven

Playing at New York’s famous Carnegie Hall is a feat not many artists manage to achieve in their careers. But, when you are as talented as Stelios Kerasidis, a Greek virtuoso pianist, an appearance there might not be that much of a deal. The thing is that Stelios is only 6 years old. The wonder kid is ready to dazzle the audience of New York on October 31, when is scheduled to perform on the stage of Carnegie Hall. The boy, who was born in Athens in 2012, lives with his parents. Stelios inherited his love for the piano from his dad, a piano soloist, and teacher.
His father said Stelios started playing the piano since he was a baby and had his first lesson at the age of three; while his favorite composers are Chopin, Beethoven, and Bach.
Stelios is not expected to be intimated by the occasion and surroundings in New York, as he has already got an appearance before audiences in famous venues, such as London’s Royal Albert Hall, Vienna’s Musikverein. The young virtuoso also has some awards to prove his worth, as he has picked up the “Citta di Spoleto” first prize in the International piano competition.
Stelios’s was introduced to the Greek audience when he took part in the TV talent show “Greece’s Got Talent”.

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