Men “manspreading” while jogging is dangerous, writes Independent author

It is not OK amid Covid-19 pandemic, she says

In a recent UK Independent life & style editorial, Helen Coffey writes, “Manspreading has crossed over to the realm of running, and it’s not OK.”

“Taking up space in the world seems hardwired for men – but right now, it reeks of selfishness,” writes Coffey.

Coffey says lately while jogging she’s noticed herself innately adhering to social distancing guidelines, attempting to take up as little space as possible on trails, pausing for bikes and literally holding her breath when others pass by.

But while Coffey says female joggers all seem to exhibit the same neurosis, men – with their “wide-legged stances” – do not seem to reciprocate the gesture.

While in the past Coffey says she’d have been more forgiving of this type of behavior, she feels it’s now “borderline dangerous” and men should be more considerate in light of the current coronavirus scare.