Michael Jackson’s bodyguard Matt Fiddes calls abuse allegations “impossible”

“I hope I have cleared up the myths and explained how Michael was protected like the president with over 150 staff”

Michael Jackson‘s former bodyguard, Matt Fiddes, has spoken out on why he thinks it’s ‘impossible’ that his late boss sexually abused young boys.

Personal trainer Fiddes, who worked for the star over a decade, says that with a team of 100 security guards and 150 staff in total, Jackson would never have been alone with the boys at his Neverland ranch, where the abuse allegedly took place.

Revealing that he is involved in an Amazon documentary refuting the Leaving Neverland abuse claims, Fiddes wrote on Instagram: “I went to film a documentary to be shown on Amazon which points out the facts in @michaeljackson life that have been incorrectly portrayed recently.

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