Mikis Theodorakis calls for referendum on Prespes Agreement in letter to Greek MPs

The legendary composer said international forces want to split up the Balkan region

Internationally renowned composer and songwriter, Mikis Theodorakis weighed in on the Prespes Agreement calling on the Greek MPs to avoid moving forward “with the crime against Greece” by ratifying the deal in parliament. As Greeks prepare to take part in Sunday’s rally at Syntagma Square against the Prespes Agreement, the living legend, 93, published a letter addressed to all the House deputies in daily newspaper Ta Nea a year after his moving speech for Macedonia during a rally in 2018.

In his letter, Theodorakis heeds the Greek politicians that: “The vote of the Greek people did not give anyone a carte blanche authorisation to hand the matter as they wish”.
Theodorakis calls on Greek authorities to hold a referendum on the matter, warning of the grave emerging for Greece in the future.
The composer completely rejects accepting a name of FYROM that would have any geographical or another composite name that would include the term “Macedonia”.

“Using the name ‘Macedonia’ as a vehicle and distorting historical events to an asinine degree, Skopje is, in fact, seeking to extend their borders to our detriment to create the so-called “Macedonia of the Aegean”.

“It is necessary to oppose this forgery of history and to be vigilant for the preservation of our national integrity, which is at risk from the international forces which are openly targeting to Balkanise the region. The case of Yugoslavia is fresh. The next victim will be our country”, he warms in dramatic tones.