Minister of Education Kerameos says University entrance exams to start in June

She said the goal was to have the exams completed by the end of July

Minister of Education, Niki Kerameos said in online interview that the aim of the Ministry was to hold the university entrance exams in mid June and be completed by mid-July.

Ms. Kerameos said there would also be 24 model Schools nationwide with the conversion of public schools to be selected, while more experimental institutions would be added. From September, an internal evaluation of the schools by the principal and the teachers’ association will begin, as well as an external one by the respective Primary and Secondary Assessment Authority.

In the new educational draft bill to be uploaded on the opengov online platform for public consultation later today, and scheduled to reach Parliament in early May, there are clauses focusing on primary, secondary and tertiary education.

According to top sources in the Ministry of Education, two more bills to follow concern the officials and the structures of education and vocational learning.

Finally, Ms. Kerameos noted that the number of students admitted to the University for this year will not be reduced. Last year the total number of students admitted was 78,335.